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Program Description

The ‘Rising Chef’ Program is an innovative culinary workplace based training program designed for Yr 11 and 12 students wishing to undertake an Australian School Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) pathway in commercial cookery at a Certificate III level. ASBA’s offers students, 15 years and over, the opportunity to combine paid part-time work with structured industry-approved training whilst still attending school or college (Certificate III ASBA’s have a combined work/training commitment of 15 hours per week (maximum 20 hours).

What sets the ‘Rising Chef’ program apart from a traditional ASBA pathway is that students will not remain in the one workplace for the duration of their ASBA. The ‘Rising Chef’ program involves students working at several different organisations (host employers) throughout the duration of their ASBA.

The legal employer, TEMPlar, will coordinate this process along with managing all the employment entitlements for the duration of the ASBA. In addition to the rotation system the ‘Rising Chef’ program provides the following:

Pastoral Care:

TEMPlar demand the highest standards of OH&S, pastoral care and working conditions be met for all their ASBA’s working in the field. TEMPlar has developed the necessary systems to ensure this occurs including employing an ASBA liaison officer who will meet regularly with the ASBA in the workplace
Pastoral Care:

TEMPlar demand the highest standards of OH&S, pastoral care and working conditions be met for all their ASBA’s working in the field. TEMPlar has developed the necessary systems to ensure this occurs including employing an ASBA liaison officer who will meet regularly with the ASBA in the workplace
Mentor Program (optional):

Students will be assigned an industry mentor for the duration of their ASBA. Mentors will be qualified chefs with a minimum of 10 years industry experience. The role of the mentor will be to provide advice and guidance when requested by the apprentice;
‘Rising Chef’ Workshops:

Special interest cooking topics will be workshopped up to four times a year and allow students the opportunity to interact with peers, have fun and learn new skills. Workshops will be hosted by guest industry icons and have a strong local flavour. Workshops may also include excursions to examine local produce and manufacturing operations;
Rewards and Recognition:

At the completion of their schooling all ‘Rising Chef’ program participants will be eligible to receive the ACT ‘Rising Chef’ Award, awarded to the most outstanding graduate. The award selection criterion is based on the following: performance at an interview, quality of all submitted theory based assessment, workplace supervisor reports, workshop attendance and participation;
Progression from an ASBA to a Full-time Apprenticeship:

One of the primary objectives of the ‘Rising Chef’ program is for ASBA’s to articulate into a full-time apprenticeship once they finish school. The ‘Rising Chef’ program will assist in securing a full-time apprenticeship position with an employer from TEMPlar’s preferred employer list (please note: TEMPlar will cease to be the legal employer after the student has finished school).

Program Goals & Objectives

The main purpose of the program is to better equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge and mind set to succeed in the challenging world of commercial cookery. The primary objectives of the program are:

Promote the culinary industry as a viable and rewarding career path;
Promote the culinary industry as a viable and rewarding career path;
Promote an inclusive learning culture within kitchen environments;
Increase the numbers of students entering commercial cookery ASBA pathways in the ACT;
Increase the amount of students moving from commercial cookery ASBA pathways into full-time apprenticeships;
Reduce the barriers for employers to take on commercial cookery ASBA’s;
Better prepare students for the realities and challenges of working in different commercial kitchen environments;
Help ease the skill and labour shortage issues confronting the culinary industry.

Parties Involved in the ‘Rising Chef’ program

Apprentice (ASBA) and parent/guardian (if under 18 years of age), legal employer/host employer, a registered training organisation (RTO), an Australian Apprenticeships Centre and school or college.

Roles and Responsibilities of Parties Involved

Australian School Based Apprentices (ASBA): Individuals undertaking a Vocational Education and Training qualification. ASBA’s are required to:

attend and perform work as directed by the employer;
work towards achieving the competencies in the training plan;
as instructed, undertake and attend any training or assessment related to the training plan;
observe the conditions of the relevant agreement or award;
hold the training record and produce it to their employer and/or training organisation, when requested, for inspection or to have details of training completed entered in it;
maintain courteous and professional behaviour;
obey all lawful commands, conditions and obligations as stated in the training contract;
not waste, damage or injure the property, goods or business of the employer;
acknowledge that all workplace instructions and other material that comes into the apprentice's or trainee's possession as a result of the training remains the property of the employer; and
understand that all information obtained from the employer and given in confidence must be kept confidential.
Access Recognised Training: The Registered Training Organisations (RTO) chosen to deliver the nationally recognised vocational education and training. The RTO provide a qualified person who is responsible for assessments (determining whether the ASBA is competent).
TEMPlar: The legal employer of ASBA’s, and places them with one or more host employers. TEMPlar provides a hassle free facility for employers to host ASBA’s providing a risk free, flexible and streamlined method of employing ASBA’s. TEMPlar handles issues such as payroll, leave records, workers compensation, superannuation, payroll tax, other industrial relations matters, off-the-job training, monitors the training contract arrangements, and job rotation. TEMPlar’s job is to make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the period of the ASBA.
Host Employer: The business/supervisor who provide work for the trainee or apprentice. Host employers provide on-the-job training and experiences. Host employers have signed an agreement with TEMPlar to provide apprentices with:
A safe working environment;
Appropriate supervision;
A variety of on-the-job experience;
Time to attend off the job training; and
Access by field and other TEMPlar staff to visit the workplace as required.
Supervisor/Workplace Coach: Appropriately qualified/experienced person within an organisation who is responsible for training and guiding a learner in the workplace so they develop the skills and knowledge to achieve the qualification.
School or college: Provide Principal endorsement to approve the training contract. Provide pastoral care for the ASBA.
Australian Apprenticeships Centre: Australian Apprenticeships Centres provide information, administration services and support to employers and Australian Apprentices. They assist with the signing of training contracts and also, assess, approve and process the payment of Australian Government incentives to eligible employers, and personal benefits to eligible Australian Apprentices specifically to assist them in the early years of their Australian Apprenticeship when their wages are generally at their lowest.

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