What we offer

We are focused on continually improving our service offering by partnering with our clients to achieve mutual success. Our objective is to attract and maintain a database of suitably qualified candidates across an array of industries and positions to ensure we can meet your requirement for both temporary and permanent staff.

Maintaining a relationship with our clients is paramount therefore we choose to keep in contact on a regular basis. We have found our clients appreciate the consistency of communicating with the same person and we in return get to know the client and the organization better.


TEMPlar's aim is to employ all available resources to secure the right candidate for you! Through advertising, sourcing our database, headhunting and professional networking we cover the entire market to present you with the most suitable person for your business. Our team of professionals will work to ensure you get fast and effective results.

TEMPlar is proud of our long-standing relationships with our candidates. In addition to filling the position, we continue to build relationships with our candidates and grow with their career development. Our high level of candidate management is evident with the number of candidates that have now become clients, employing TEMPlar for their recruitment needs.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a personalised service, to both client and employee. We are committed to achieving the highest possible standard in customer service, ethical business practice, and quality. All our dealings are open and honest.

Our company is proudly committed to our employees, and our service to our clients.

TEMPlar Hospitality Services

TEMPlar understands the hospitality industry and is committed to providing exceptional and reliable service.

All staff employed by TEMPlar have been interviewed; we will never assign anybody to work unless they have been personally screened. We respect your business and we will never advertise for staff in a panic recruitment round for an event, we will always provide you with the common decency of seeing that you experience professional staff and not people who potentially have never worked in a kitchen or waited on guests within a formal environment. Our staff understands the meaning of thinking on your feet and sequence of service.

Some people are more experienced than others therefore at TEMPlar we ensure that our candidates are well prepared for the high expectation of our clients whilst representing them at functions. Training sessions are conducted on a regular basis where we cover in great detail client expectations, sequence of service, grooming standards and TEMPlar code of conduct. In conjunction we have a practical session where we cover everything from carrying plates and wine presentation to clearing the tables; tray service for both food and beverage and Occupational health & Safety. We train our new staff to be productive workers and try ensuring they are as best prepared to commence working for our clients as possible.

TEMPlar guarantees that once you place a requirement you can rest assured that your staffing requirements will be met. You are comforted by knowing that all our dealings are open and honest with strong communication at all times.

TEMPlar Contracting Services

TEMPlar Contracting Services specialise in short term placement of resources across a variety of sectors including Hospitality, Business Support, Scribing Services, Administration, Labour Hire and Candidate Support Services

TEMPlar Executive Services

TEMPlar Executive Services is committed to providing best practice executive search solutions at all levels of the enterprise. We specialise in those difficult roles where traditional recruitment methods are unlikely to be successful. We are more than transactional suppliers of staff to our clients, rather strategic partners, committed to adding value to our customers. We make sure before accepting an assignment that we understand the underlying business requirements, the challenges and the opportunities to ensure the best possible cultural fit.

We have established relationships with the highly sought individuals within our target markets. We understand their achievements as well as their motivation to consider change. We pride ourselves on our ability to source the "best" candidates in the market, not just the best "available" candidates. Once the prospects are identified we manage them through our methodology to ensure a positive outcome is achieved for both the client and the candidate.

TEMPlar Cleaning Services

TEMPlar cleaning services has access to a wide range of police checked and highly trained cleaning staff.

All staff are carefully vetted so that we can ensure delivery of a highly skilled workforce to your business. Staff are available to work on 24 hour rosters 7 days a week. All staff are well presented and maintain a high standard of service delivery at all times.

The TEMPlar story

Excellence in recruitment...

TEMPlar was established to address an ever present frustration with the level of service afforded to private and public sectors by the large recruitment agencies. Rather than treat our clients simply as a number TEMPlar adopts a holistic personal strategy to both recruitment and job placement outcomes. While focusing on temporary placements in the hospitality and IT sectors TEMPlar has grown its vision to incorporate a suite of services. If you're an employer or job seeker look no further than the TEMPlar team.