The TEMPlar Team

Sylvia Elix
General Manager
Recruitment Industry and Business Development professional who has owned and operated various businesses combined with a lifetime of experience in Hospitality.
Marica Barac
Hospitality Consultant
Renown Executive Chef and Business Consultant, holds a wealth of experience in Managing the Kitchen and Food & Beverage Operations.
Amy Kyle
Account Manager
Holds a wealth of Food and Beverage Operational experience. In addition, manages our Childcare component and assists in Business Development and Training.
Chloe Jones
Holds strong hospitality Supervisory experience and is very well travelled. Visit the TEMPlar office and you are sure to be impressed by Chloe’s barista skills.
Olivia Phengrasmy
Payroll Officer
Holds a strong Hospitality and Bookkeeping background and owns her own trend-setting cafe in the City.