Commitment to Youth

TEMPlar Commitment to Youth & Aboriginal Initiatives

TEMPlar is a Multi-Cultural business. We provide employment and training opportunity to the community, of all cultures, all nationalities and all walks of life. We share a particular passion for the Indigenous, Aboriginal community and youth as a whole. Through sound business acumen and community participation TEMPlar will provide meaningful training and sustainable employment opportunities for all of our community.
Our objective is to create sustainable employment and economic development opportunities in the ACT with the goal of positively impacting the lifestyles, quality of the lifestyles, and wellbeing of local community members.

Many of the youth today do not want to go to university and some do not want to go to school. We provide nationally recognized programs; (including ASBA’s) at our office and also at Colleges throughout Canberra. We actively visit schools and colleges informing the kids about other types of education and employment pathways in hospitality available to them. Education is very important and we try to make it fun without a ‘classroom scenario.’ With the support of our clients we also conduct training sessions at venues in order to give that real-life experience and as a nice introduction to the establishment before their first shift.

TEMPlar has already identified opportunities to extend its functions to support the growth of a number of local businesses. These businesses have already agreed to work closely with TEMPlar to ensure that the projects will result in a significant improvement in Aboriginal people employed in the ACT through these future partnerships.

TEMPlar has the expertise to differentiate itself from other recruitment companies in the market with a detailed understanding of the particular requirements of the hospitality industry. Our ethical business model is about genuine care and delivering what we have set out to do. We make ourselves accountable and being approachable has enabled us to sustain our success within the market and to forge ahead with Aboriginal and community employment and training. TEMPlar will continue to specialise in supporting the implementation of the Indigenous Opportunities and we will position ourselves to be ready to assist prime contractors to fulfil requirements on an ongoing, professional and supportive manner.

TEMPlar believes it’s about opportunity and we are making a difference.